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Aufnahmeformular Chinesisch

Hier können Sie das englisch-chinesische Anmeldeformular für das Alumni-Netzwerk der TU Clausthal herunterladen.

Online-Registration Form for TUC Alumni-Network (English-Chinese version)

Registration Form for Membership in “TU Clausthal alumni” 关于正式成为克劳斯塔尔工业大学校友会成员的申请表
TU Clausthal hopes to stay in contact with former students or researchers (i.e. alumni) from China. We would like to invite you to register by filling in this form. You will receive personal invitations to our alumni events and the latest news from TU Clausthal. Please fill in the Form in English and in Chinese. 克劳斯塔尔工业大学希望能与中国校友们保持密切联系。在此,我们诚挚的邀请您加入克劳斯塔尔工业大学校友会并填写如下表格,我们将邀请您参加各种校友会的活动。表格请用相应的英文及中文填写,谢谢。
Personal Details 个人信息
Contact Details 联系方式
Business Details 工作信息
Details on the time spent at TU Clausthal 与克劳斯塔尔工业大学的联系
At TU Clausthal, I 我曾在克劳斯塔尔工业大学
Would you like also to be a Member of VCAC? 您同时还希望成为克劳斯塔尔工业大学中国校友会VCAC的成员吗?
Would you like also to be a Member of VCAC? 您同时还希望成为克劳斯塔尔工业大学中国校友会VCAC的成员吗?
Declaration of Consent* 个人资料同意声明*
I give my permission for my data to be stored on the TU Clausthal alumni and Chinese alumni of TU Clausthal (VCAC) database. My personal information will not be provided to any third party without my consent. I have the right to request, check, correct or delete my information. 本人同意,克劳斯塔尔工业大学校友会及克劳斯塔尔工业大学中国校友会储存我的个人信息,未经本人同意,不得提供给任何第三方使用。本人有权利提出要求查询,更正或删除上述信息。

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