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Welcome to the Alumni Management of TU Clausthal

The Alumni Engagement Office is TU Clausthal's central contact point and service facility for alumni, former students and graduates and for students who would like to exchange ideas and network with TU Clausthal alumni. They all form the university's own network "TU Clausthal alumni".

We ...

  • take care of the alumni portal and network maintenance and support for alumni and students to promote mutual exchange with each other and with the university
  • organize the graduation anniversaries and the Clausthal Night of the Proms (part of the silver graduation)
  • create newsletters, social media posts and press articles as part of our public relations work
  • Plan and organize alumni events, lectures, excursions and regional meetings
  • cooperate with the Association of Friends of TU Clausthal
  • as well as other associations and groups of Clausthal University of Technology, such as institutes and facilities of the university or with external partners, such as companies, associations and institutions and the conception and implementation of joint projects
  • develop offers and services specifically for TU Clausthal alumni
  • support the acquisition of funding, donations and German scholarships for TU Clausthal